Why SM Cinema Should Bring Ruruoni Kenshin Cast to Cebu


One more day to go and Ruruoni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno movie will start conquering Philippine cinema nationwide! (exclusively on SM cinemas though)

But wait! That’s not all! Takeru Satoh (Kenshin Himura) with co-stars Emi Tanaka (Kaoru Kamiya) and Aoki Munetaka (Sanosuke Sagara) is coming as well!

That’s right everyone! These gorgeous stars will be attending the red carpet premiere of Kyoto Inferno at SM Megamall this August 6, 2014! And the excitement doesn’t end there. A press conference with media and fans  on August 7 will also be held at the Glorieta Activity Center in Makati!

You don’t just get to see Kenshin on flesh! You’ll also get the chance to ask him questions!

THAT IS, of course if you’re in Manila.

So what about the fans in Cebu?! (like me) And the rest across the country?!

We have a lot of reasons to get frustrated on what could be this once in a lifetime missed opportunity to see them in person. And we definitely have all the reason to ask SM Cinema to grace Cebuanos (and the rest of the Filipino fans) with the cast’s presence!

So today, out of my personal frustration and great hopes at the same time, I’ll list down 3 BIG, VALID reasons why Takeru Satoh and the rest of the cast should show up in Cebu!

1. We love Samurai X


Anime fans across all ages love (and will love) Samurai X. That simple.

2. There’s a significant portion of anime fans who love samurais and Kenshin Himura (or Battousai for that matter).


Talk about a long, red-haired samurai with a visible ‘X’ mark on his left cheek and ‘every’ anime fan will know it. In fact, Kenshin might have just been the most successful samurai character that has conquered Cebuano anime TV!

3. Why Not? 

If SM can bring them to Manila, why not in Cebu? It’s approximately just an hour and 15 minutes flight from NAIA to Mactan Cebu International Airport!

Bringing the cast to Cebu (HINT: hopefully for the last installment: Legend Ends) will not only make us happy! We’ll be grateful for the wonderful chance to meet our favorite samurai character! (And a grateful customer will go a long way! – Sounds like a blackmail but well, this has to be said.)

So see? Bringing the cast to Cebu is VALID! I’ve seen first hand how successful the 1st installment of the movie is and I believe the 2nd (and the 3rd) will be successful as well!

Time to bring in the stars to meet the fans!





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