OWLS Disruptor Post: Claymore’s 7 Ghosts of the Northern War

Strength, obedience and individuality – three things that make Claymores the most effective combat weapons against the
supposed enemies of the human race – yoma

To establish Claymore as a point of reference for a real-life, practical scenario, it might help to take a quick look at some series facts:

The 7 Ghosts or Survivors of the Northern Warmiria






The Numbering System

This is perhaps one of the most distinct and solid fact about Claymores. Once they are deemed ready by the ‘Organization’ to fight on the field, they’re automatically given specific numbers (nos. 1-47) depending on their combat strength.

It’s both a hierarchy and warning that keeps all the members in line.

  • Lower numbers obey the higher digits.
  • Single digits command a team on field.
  • And nos. 1 to 5 are kept by the Organization near the headquarters as a sort of protection and for convenience purposes in case something unexpected comes up.

It served its purpose well to maintain order. But it also became the root of envy and jealousy.

A good point of reference would be former  no.2 Roxanne of Love and Hate plotting the downfall of the then no.1 Cassandra the Dust Eater.

Fighting a losing battle – a prelude to revolution

Why fight a losing battle? What’s the point of risking one’s life and spending all your time and energy fighting a war you couldn’t win? The Claymores assigned on the tragic Northern Campaign at Pieta knew that it was a suicide mission.


They are expendable tools. Still, they chose to fight. Why?

  • Fleeing the battle would mean a lifetime of running away from the Organization
  • Their warrior’s honor is at stake
  • It’s the perfect setup to free themselves from the shackles of their unreasonable mission and finally attain freedom

Phantom Miria, the leader of the mission chose the 3rd – a real gamble. But the 7 of them who managed to survive did carry the will of the majority who died.

Unity in diversity

Fast-forward to seven years after the war and the survivors – believed to be dead, shows up with one common mission – to
bring down the organization in an attempt to rescue the current and soon to be Claymores.


So much has happened in this arc, and I wouldn’t be spoiling much details. But the crucial point that stood out was the brave decision of the 7 warriors, though stronger than before, still lacked in manpower to defeat an entire organization composed of 47 new Claymores.

But they did. And it’s not just because of brute strength.



The 7 ghosts individuality might’ve created tension and misunderstanding among themselves at first, but their pursuit of
a single cause eventually brought them together.

Disruption in pre-established norms, challenging the status-quo

Now this isn’t to say that I encourage you to go against your organization, team or company just so you can prove your individuality.

I still believe keeping a peaceful relationship with people you work and live with is a must. However, it’s also important to stay true to the values and principles you uphold.

Using the Claymore analogy might be going over-the-top considering all the blood and lives spilled on the process,
but their headstrong resolve to right the wrong undeniably sends off a strong message – that there will come a point in your life when you have to stop obeying or doing what you know is wrong and start making things right.


Of course, the decision wouldn’t be easy and you’ll most likely be criticized even by the people you thought would stand by your decision. But that’s part of the risk one has to live with when attempting to disrupt what the majority accepts as ‘the only right.’

The good news is…

You’ll most likely meet people who share your ideologies and beliefs. Just like how Miria found support from the other six, there are people out there who are willing to work with you.



They may not necessarily be people you’ve met personally but if God wills you to work together on something, it will happen. After all the internet has now made it possible for us to communicate with people from all over the world.

Joining OWLS

Kat’s previous post about Naruto being a positive disruptor resonated with me because I find more people, millennials even, becoming too complacent about almost everything.

There’s this sort of protective bubble that creates the illusion of safety, comfort and basically all good things you can wish for in life.

Unfortunately, not all things are good. Sometimes, you’ll need that positive disruption to realize that and do something better yourself.

When I accepted the invitation to join OWLS, I spent a couple of moments pondering on what this means. Writing is one. Messaging is another. I’ll end this post with this message:

Meeting or being the disruption ourselves may feel uncomfortable, but I hope we don’t totally pry away  from the idea of doing something new, creative and good.

I believe OWLS is walking that path.


We’re diverse in nationality, time zones, gender and beliefs, but our advocacy keeps us united. (Special mention to Twitter and Gmail for our official modes of communication)


This is the 3rd stop for OWLS blog tour so in case you missed the first two, you can visit Matt’s and Kat’s blog:

Of course, I encourage you to stay tuned for Arria’s post on January 13, 2017! To everyone who has followed our tour, thank you and hopefully you’ll soon drop us a message to join!


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