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3 Socially Awkward Anime Ladies with Highly Useful Combat Skills

They’re the last characters you’ll hope to save the day.

They’re socially awkward, shy, and those you don’t often see on the frontlines of any combat. They look like they need some serious protection detail.

More importantly, these ladies don’t like fighting.

But as unfortunate as it may seem, they’re gifted with skills only them can do. Their teams need them. And they’ve made a huge difference in combat that helped turn the tides to their team’s favor.

Here are my top three picks:

Palm Siberia of Hunter X Hunter

If I can do anything to help Gon I’ll be happy to. But you should not forget…you are the one Gon needs most. – Palm

Skill: Real-time surveillance, tracking

Efficient for: Remote spying, backup covert operations

During her Chimera transformation, Palm’s ability evolved to the following:

Wink Blue – A technique she uses to see or track the last three people she has seen with her eyes. It’s activated by covering one of her eyes.

Black Widow – A defensive ability that allows her to grow her hair and wrap it around her body as a black dress and wide brim hat. This protects her against all attacks and allows her to focus on attacking.

Miranda Lotto of D.Gray-man

You know how there are people who aren’t good at anything? Well, that’s how I was. – Miranda

Skill: Time control,
Efficient for: Rewriting past events, temporary healing, providing time extension

Miranda’s stamina is no joke. She’s able to stay awake for days at a time and continually push her Innocence’s (exorcist source of power) limits to support or protect her comrades.

Time Recovery – An ability to revert back anything to its original state. If one is injured, the technique can do the healing.  The effect is not permanent, though.

As soon as Miranda deactivates the invocation, all the injuries will come back.  Not applicable for raising the dead back to life.

Time Out – A defensive ability that creates a barrier in a select area and deflects any form of attack on that space. It’s technically a great defense. However, it also weakens Miranda to great extent,  allowing her to use it only for a short period of time.

Reverse – A technique used to freeze a location of a particular target’s location.

Mey-Rin of Black Butler 

No matter how far you run, little rat, it is as if you are standing right in front if me. – Mey-Rin

Skill: Top-notch sniping skills, excellent command in firearms,
Efficient for: Frontline assault, first line of defense, surprise attack or ambush

Everything gun-related, trust Mey-rin to get the job done. Swiftly and perfectly. Exactly why she got into my top pink-haired badass anime characters!

And you’re dead if you underestimate her hand-to-hand combat skills.

Sometimes, the last characters we least expect to do something big end up becoming the kingpin in battle. And these ladies proved it
right more than once.

So, who’s your favorite among the three?