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‘Given’ Anime Episode 9: Mafuyu did it, and I’m crying!

OVER A YEAR of inactivity and I’m back posting something about a single episode I just finished watching minutes ago – Given Episode 9.

If you’re reading this post, then I guess it’s safe to assume that you have somehow watched at least the initial parts of this series, so I won’t bore you with the synopsis.

We’ve seen this episode coming. Admit it. At some point we wished for Mafuyu to actually go all out singing a full song apart from the gentle humming and ‘la-la-la’ moments.

I personally wanted to hear his voice since episode 2. (His humming did this!)

Spoiler: He finally did it in episode 9!!!

And I’m blown away. Completely, utterly rendered immobile in the full duration of the song. I was probably gaping at my phone screen.

THE SONG was so good! The LYRICS a standalone story on its own, and HIS VOICE…my goodness I felt that.

It was so beautiful but equally devastating in a sense. And it doesn’t help that the flashback clips interjected in between actually gave the answers we needed about Mafuyu and Yuki’s past.


Just how could they drop that in less than 4 minutes?! Brutal!

But beautiful nonetheless!

If you are expecting that familiar sweet, gentle, fuzzy feeling from MafuYama interactions in this episode, then no. This is not it.

Episode 9 is pure, raw EXPLOSION.

And my heart’s barely keeping up.